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couple with laptop and cellphone | On Target Home Inspection | home buying Orland Park Orland Park Home Inspection: 4 ways to use technology to simplify your home buying process


While spring is typically the busiest period in real estate, particularly for families looking to get into a new home before the school year starts. The fall months have become increasingly active for those who have more flexibility or are looking for a good deal.



With increased competition in many cities around the country, finding ways to simplify the home buying process while saving money is top of mind for potential home buyers. Many consumers are seeking real estate brokerages that make the home buying process less stressful by providing access to tech-based tools, data and the guidance of smart, local agents.



“Buying a home is typically the most expensive purchase most people will make, and people are choosing brokerages that offer the right tools and data to help inform their decisions and make the process more efficient,” said Dario Cardile, Vice President, Growth Marketing at “Savvy home buyers are utilizing technology and data to inform their home search, but are also demonstrating that they value working with an expert local agent who can offer on-the-ground expertise and help them get the best deal.”



Cardile offers these tips for ways potential home buyers can utilize technology to simplify the real estate process.


* Ensure that your finances are in order.

To purchase the home of your dreams you’ll need the right loan. So before you begin your search, request a free annual copy of your credit report from the government-authorized Pay attention to the scores in your report. The better your scores, the more likely you are to receive favorable terms and interest rates on your loan.



* Narrow your housing search.

Searching for homes on the internet is easy, but finding the one that is just right for you can be more difficult. Fortunately, can help, as it leverages data and technology to connect you to homes matching your personal preferences and ranks those homes based on the features you highlight as being most important. The platform also notifies you of regular updates on the properties of your interest. Also, suggests similar properties based on your preferences. You will have access to local listings from the Multiple Listing Service and for-sale-by-owner properties, so you don’t miss out on a potential home.



* Explore the area before you get there.

Whether it’s a local dog park, fun shops to visit on the weekend or a quaint bistro for a night out, your neighborhood needs extend beyond the walls of your home. Fortunately, hyper-localized data such as walk scores, neighborhood and school information and modern mapping solutions can give you insights into the entire community before you even start your search. And don’t be afraid to look up area attractions on social media and read some reviews. It’s a great way to learn what everyone is saying about your potential neighborhood.



* Find the right agent.

A great real estate agent can help you save time and money in the real estate process. While many consumers are self-informing their search with online data, a recent survey from of more than 1,000 recent home buyers nationwide found that the majority (83 percent) worked with an agent to purchase their home. The full-service website and mobile app make it easy to find a local agent that’s right for you. They provide you with the digital tools to make the process less stressful. An expert local agent can provide inside knowledge of the property and community, on-the-ground expertise. They will help you strike the best deal to get into your dream home.



*Finding the best home for you.

The fall real estate market won’t wait for you. So start your planning now and begin your housing search with the power of technology at your fingertips. With you, your agent and technology working hand in hand, your dream house is there for the taking.


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